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Microfiber Rags Various Colors

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Microfiber Terry Cloth 


CLMFT16 size approximately 16" x 16"


80% Polyester
20% Polyamide


Minimum Order Quantity - 15 dozen (1 case)


Other Sizes Are Available.  Please Call.




Note: See Special Instructions Tab Below
for Wash & Dry Care 

Microfiber: Various Colors - See Product Tab

Various Other Sizes Available Also



Product Sizes Shipping Weight Part Number UPC
Approx 16" x 16"
Blue  26 lbs cs CLMFTB16 741436-TBA
Green 26 lbs cs CLMFTG16 741436-TBA
Peach  26 lbs cs CLMFTP16 741436-TBA
Yellow 26 lbs cs CLMFTY16 741436-TBA
Other Sizes Available Please Call For More Information
- 100% recycable 
- Cleans better than Cotton Towels
- Holds up to 6-7 times weight of cloth in liquid 
- Hypo allergenic
- Less labor to clean
- Less time to clean
- Lift and traps lint, dust particles, dirt, grease, grime, waxes ,oil, residue
- Low linting  
- More efficient ergonomics
- Non Abrasive
- Non bleeding
- Reduces surface bacteria 
- Rewash 200(+) times
- Surfaces dryes quicker
- Use less chemicals 
- Automotive Detailing
- Cleaning (All Types)
- Health Care
- Hospitals 
- Janitorial
- Restaurants 
- Technical 
- Blue 
- Green
- Peach
- Red
- Yellow

Special Instructions 

  • Use slightly damp for cleaning
  • Wash: warm water (not hot) - No bleach - No fabric softner
  • Wash seperately: Do "Not" mix with other materials (linting materials attaches to microfiber)
  • Dry low heat or "air dry" (high heat affects performance)

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