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Cancellation and Return PolicyCancellation and Return Policy

Cancellation Policy:
Contact Information: Sales Department 704-671-2484
Telephone Orders: Cancellation requests must be made prior to date shipped.
Freight Charges: Are the responsibility of the receiver, if cancellations are not received prior to date shipped.
Return Policy:
Contact Information Call: Sales Department at 704-671-2484
Time limit: WIthin 14 days of purchase
Return Authorization Number will be provided and confirmed, prior to return.
Conditions of Return:
- Defective Product
- Unacceptable Quality
- Error in Packaging
- Material and Boxes must be received back in the same condition as shipped.
Refund Policy:
Refunds will be provided on orders cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy. All other refunds will be subject to the terms of our Return Policy and based on the Return Authorization Confirmation.